Camp Hope
Patient Navigators work with patients and families to help with many different needs associated with the health care system. These may include helping with insurance problems, finding doctors, explaining treatment and care options, communicating with health care providers, and assisting caregivers.

Camp Hope is a week long residential summer camp for ALL children ages 7 - 17 affected by cancer in their immediate family.  Camps are effective modalities for reducing fear & anxiety in children touched by cancer by providing them opportunities to interact with other children and learn  alternative ways to cope.

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The MAE Foundation
Helping cancer patients help themselves
The MAE Foundation is resurrecting Camp Hope in 2017 and expanding it to include all kids (7-17) affected by cancer*
Patient Navigation
A cancer survivor is someone who is living with, through, and beyond cancer. Cancer survivorship begins at diagnosis. Survivorship describes the experience of moving beyond a cancer diagnosis & treatment towards wellness. Survivorship support services are designed to help you maintain your health and improve your quality of life.